cute 2 story house jaibalito
1 sleeping room - 2 guests - 1 bed - 1 bath

beautiful, charming little two story casita with style on a property at the lake with beautiful tropical gardens, with a big infinity swimming pool at the lakefront and sunny sitting areas. for rent in jaibalito, only long-term. 

one sleeping room with one double bed for a single or a couple, there is a small fireplace in the cozy sleeping room. beautiful little bath with bathtub, nice full kitchen and living area with couch and big TV, big colored glas windows and a sweet terrace in front with a colonial style tough.

Upstairs is a great balcony which extents over 3 sides of the house. 

peacefully located in a compound of 4 houses with beautiful gardens all fenced in. no pets.

$650/ month
incl. power and gas

1 sleeping room
1 double bed

wifi available


1 bathroom with bathtub
(warm water)

fenced in garden

garden view

infinity pool


1 balcony
1 terrace

Flat TV


  • basic equipment
  • kitchen basics: pots and pans
  • dishes and silverware
  • warm water
  • closet
  • dinng table
  • oven
  • refrigerator 
  • stove
  • private entrance

getting there

jaibalito is only accessable by boat. 

coming from panajachel go to "tzanjuyu" boat dock and take a public or private boat direction santa cruz la laguna. exit the boat at the public boat dock in jaibalito which is one regular stop after the town of santa cruz la laguna (please ask the boat driver for jaibalito). 

coming from san pedro go to "muelle de pana" boat dock at nicks place and take a public or private boat direction panajachel. exit the boat at the public boat dock in jaibalito which is one regular stop after the town of tzununa (please ask the boat driver for jaibalito). 

jaibalito has no road/car access.

where you are

jaibalito is one of the smallest mayan villages at the shores of lago de atitlán, but it is becoming one of the most wanted and most beloved by foreigners and tourists. the proverbial remoteness, geographical seclusion and spectacular location, besides being so close to tzununa and san marcos, but most of all the very warm and welcoming people make jaibalito so very special and incomparable. you can only access it over the water by boat or one of the steep and stony footpaths from a surrounding village. there are no roads coming in, no chickenbuses, no cars nor trucks. just some locally operating tuktuks. jaibalito is located at the popular north shore, which provides you while hiking or just standing at the public pier with an incredible view of the 3 enormous volcanoes on the south side of the most beautiful lake in the world. jaibalito is surrounded by a breathtaking landscape, steep green hills wind up the horizon dominating the dramatic scenario. a hiker's  paradise. the weather in these highlands of guatemala is always warm but never hot. the dry mountain air is clean and energizing. the sight of the deep blue lake creates a mystical feeling, and even if you live here permanently, it is always inspiring. in this idyllic scenery you will find a seclusion from the outside world with all the luxury and comfort in your rental home.

from the very small village of jaibalito you can reach towns like san marcos, santa cruz, san juan, san pedro, tzununa or even panajachel by boat in a few minutes. do your shoppings in panajachel or your yoga and meditation class in san marcos, visit san juan the famous "pueblo magico", stop by the colourful local farmers markets all around the lake, visit and learn first hand about the local history, local businesses and local art, do some paddle boarding, jet skiing or hiking, lern spanish ... or just enjoy a colourful sunset in one of the lakefront bistros or on the beach. the joyful possibilities are endless.

lago de atitlán is one of "the three jewels" of guatemala and the new world in general, besides antigua guatemala and tikal national park and a major destination for tourist from the whole world.


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