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new listing: mystical architect's villa on the lakeshore for sale


if you're looking to list your property on, please reach out to us. we specialize in real estate and property management in the municipality of santa cruz la laguna and its surroundings - a quaint rural community comprising seven mayan villages on the north shore of lake atitlán in the highlands of guatemala. our expertise extends to the most stunning properties, apartments, and villas imaginable.

as we step into the year 2024, lake atitlán has become more popular than ever. young souls from around the globe, along with artists, musicians, retirees, adventurers, and free spirits, are drawn to the holy lake and its inspiring, energetic atmosphere.

thanks to faster and more reliable internet, particularly with services like starlink, remote workers now have the opportunity to make lake atitlán their year-round home. many are discovering the breathtaking beauty of even the rainy season at lago de atitlán.

with this surge in interest, the demand is not only growing for restaurants, transportation, beauty, spa, dance, and massage services but also for housing. This trend is expected to continue, making it an opportune time to showcase your property on

contact us today to make the most of this growing market.

contact: +502 4911 6650


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